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Rewind: 5 Weeks – First Impressions

5 Jul


July 05, 2010 – (Week 5?)

What the Image Shows/Technician’s Comments

Advanced Practitioner in Ultrasound – Nicola Roffey

Anteverted uterus containing a well-defined gestation sac. A yolk sac and fetal pole were seen. No definite fetal heart pulsation detected ? Too Early. CRL 3.5mm.

Consultant’s Comments

Antenatal Clinic Consultant – Fran Harlow

Possible late ovulation due to Polycystic Overies. Suggested appointment in 7 days and probably 7 days after that to check baby is growing and to ensure we get a heart beat and a due date.

My Reaction to Seeing the Baby

We had expected to see a baby of 9 weeks, so, we were shocked that it was a much earlier developed embryo. A failed pregnancy was my first thought but the professionals insisted it was just an earlier pregnancy due to late ovulation. Once I got over the shock it felt like a miracle seeing our little bean on the scan.

Baby’s Activity During the Ultrasound

There was no activity on the screen as it was too early for movement.

Reactions of Others Who Were There

Stephen was excited from the moment we got to the Antenatal Clinic. He held my hand tight during the transabdominal scan and stroked my hair during the transvaginal scan – keeping positive, pointing out our baby.

Highlights of the Visit

The highlights of the visit was actually seeing the baby even though it was in such early stages. The practitioner and the consultant were lovely and supportive which made the experience less traumatic.

My Thought and Feelings About the Experience

In reflection, after the shock of being put back 4 weeks, I am so happy to have seen the little one. The miracle of the precious little thing radiating as I start to believe I have a little life inside. I am going to keep going as I did before, enjoy being pregnant and stay positive.

Jungle Nursery

2 Jul

Hopes and Dreams for the Baby’s Nursery

We are hoping to create a visually stimulating warm room for our little one with lots to look at and lots of colour. We are hoping it will be a place the baby can be comfortable and calm and somewhere that baby can be fed and nursed, particularly in the evening and night time.

Ideas and Thoughts on Colour Choices/Theme/Vibe of Nursery

Our ideas have arrive at a jungle theme using monkeys as the main visual stimulation. Neutral walls with either a boder or a jungle mural on one wall (which we’ll design and paint). Cuddly monkeys will hang around the room. inc. on a rope.

Some of our Inspirations

Dream #2

2 Jul


June 30, 2010. We went for the dating scan of the baby and found out that I was actually 10 weeks pregnant instead of 9 weeks pregnant.


This, for me, was playing on the fact that I would much rather be dated a week forward rather than a week back at the scan. But the excitement I felt will be there no matter what the due date will be.